The Ohio Valley Chapter, CMAA, hosts four education programs each year, generally at one of the major cities in our chapter.  Our meetings are typically in Indianapolis, Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, or the Louisville/Lexington area.  These
weekend meetings offer between three and 20 hours of professional education.

One of the two most important benefits from membership in our association is education.  With 10 primary competencies from which to choose, our offers of education are never dull.  Whether it's leadership, financial management, human resources, facilities management, or food and beverage management, there is never a shortage of powerful topics from which to choose.

In addition to our four chapter education programs each year, each of our five districts hosts education programs that reflect the current issues that a manager in a particular state might encounter.  For instance, state legislatures in Indiana don't see the importance of the same issues that may be important in Kentucky, Ohio, or West Virginia.  These district-level programs can offer information and advice in areas that are as important, if not more so, that the chapter or
national level education offerings.

For more information on the programs that the chapter offers, contact the Managing Director at