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Welcome to the Ohio Valley Chapter Job Listing page.   To jump directly to the list of available jobs without reading through all the administrative info below, click HERE.  Also, CMAA operates a full-featured Managerial Openings List (MOL) on their website with open positions that are posted by individual clubs and by national search firms.  To access the CMAA MOL, please click HERE.

The positions listed below have been posted at the respective club's request. Open position are generally posted for six weeks unless the posting club has asked for an extension. Any or all of the positions listed below may have already been filled as we often do not get notified when someone is hired. If you are unsure, please contact the club directly for more information.

If you wish to post an open position on this website, different rules apply depending on the status of the posting club:

  • If you are a member of the OVC, there is no charge for posting.
  • If you are a manager or Board member of a club that is not located within the boundaries of the OVC, there is no charge for posting.
  • If you are representing an employment agency or if you are a headhunter, there is a $250 charge for a full year.
  • If you are a manager or Board member of a club that is located within the boundaries of the OVC and there is not a manager at your club who is a member of the OVC, there is a $250 fee for the posting. However, if a manager from the club joins the OVC and CMAA within one year of being employed, the fee that has already been paid will be applied to the manager's first year OVC dues. For more information, please contact Joe Garves, CCM, at
In all cases, upon posting, an email blast will be sent to all members of the OVC directing them to your job announcement.

To post a job opening, email a job description or a job announcement with a .jpg of your club or club logo to Joe Garves, CCM, at

  Posted January 13, 2019

Fountain Head Country Club, Hagerstown, Maryland

Clubhouse Manager

  Posted January 10, 2019

Coldstream Country Club, Cincinnati, Ohio

General Manager 

  Posted January 8, 2019

Salem Golf Club, Salem, Ohio

General Manager


  Posted January 4, 2019

Meridian Hills Country Club, Indianapolis, Indiana

Dining Room Manager 

  Posted January 2, 2019

Hillcrest Country Club, Indianapolis, Indiana

Service Manager 

  Posted December 28, 2018 

Maketewah Country Club, Cincinnati, Ohio

Assistant F&B Manager

  Posted December 26, 2018

The Club at Nevillewood, Presto, Pennsylvania

Clubhouse Manager

  Posted December 7, 2018

Tippecanoe Lake Country Club, Leesburg, Indiana

F&B Director