The Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) is the oldest, most widely-respected Association representing the club management profession.

CMAA is comprised of more than 5,000 professional managers of prestigious athletic, country, city, golf, military, social, university/faculty and yacht clubs in the United States and abroad.

CMAA is represented by chapters in all 50 states, three international chapters and has a presence in 30 colleges and universities across the country.

CMAA has members and affiliates in South Africa, Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, Australia, Spain, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Columbia, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Korea, People's Republic of China, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, the Virgin Islands and the West Indies.

CMAA actively promotes and advances cooperation among individuals directly engaged in the club management profession, as well as among other associations in the golf and hospitality industries.


Membership News

Beginning with the 2012 membership year, CMAA introduced a "step" membership program which allows new members to join at a much reduced rate. This rate applies to new and

re-joining members. Reinstating members (those who have been out of the association for less than a full membership year) are not eligible for the step rate. Here are the step membership rates:

  • First year of membership $500
  • Second year of membership $650
  • Third year (and beyond) membership - Prevailing rate

The OVC also has a tiered membership rate based on the number of managers from the same club who are members of the association: 

  • 1st Manager: $400
  • 2nd Manager: $290
  • 3rd or more: $225 

Mid-Year Rates

Mid-Year rates are effective from April 1 - August 31st. For new and rejoining members, the half-year dues rate for CMAA membership is $250.

The OVC also charges half year rates from April 1 - August 31 as follows:

  • 1st member: $200
  • 2nd Member: $145
  • 3rd member: $113

For an application and rate sheets for membership, please click HERE.  For more information on joining CMAA and the Ohio Valley Chapter, please contact:

Joe Garves, CCM
Managing Director
(812) 219-7484