About the Chapter

The Ohio Valley Chapter (OVC) is a local chapter of the Club Managers Association of America and is made up of more than 125 managers of private clubs in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia. This is a very large chapter, geographically, and covers about 125,000 square miles. Driving time from corner to corner can take as long as six hours.

Because of our size, we’re broken down into five districts with district directors living and working in the major city of each district. The five district headquarters are in Indianapolis, Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Louisville. You can find more information about each of the districts by clicking on the links above.  Your membership is associated with one of these districts based on the county in which your club is located.

One of the primary reasons we have an association is the education that we provide both at the national and the chapter level. I can't cover all of the national level education here because there’s just so much of it but, believe me, there's a ton of professional education offered in our association. You can easily find information on national level education on CMAA’s website, www.cmaa.org

The OVC generally offers education four times a year at the chapter level. Our winter meeting is normally in Cincinnati and, most often, is a six-hour program in one day. We try to provide a concentrated level of education on a single topic in the most centrally located major city in our chapter. 

Our spring meeting rotates among the other four districts and is usually over two days, typically Sunday and Monday, and may offer education on one subject or on several subjects.  Usually at our spring meeting there’s also an opportunity to visit several clubs. One of the fun parts of belonging to our chapter is that you get a chance to see other clubs and learn a little bit about their operation.

Our summer meeting can be either a chapter-wide webinar hosted at a club in your district or a meeting at another one of our four remaining districts. Having the opportunity to spend time networking with our fellow club managers is extremely important so we try to make our summer in-person meeting a very social event with families included.

Our largest education program of the year is generally our annual meeting and mini conference. Usually the location of our mini conference is the city in which our incoming Board President works. That gives our new president a chance to show off his or her club. We typically offer between 12 and 14 education credits and offer between two and four different education programs. It offers a great mix of education and gives everyone an opportunity to reestablish the friendships that they’ve developed over the years.

Another feature of our annual mini conference is our vendor show. The chapter has been putting on a vendor show since 1994 with between 30 and 40 vendors presenting their products and services each year. Bring your budget with you when you come to the vendor show. I’m sure you’ll find more than one product or service that’ll solve some of the challenges you’re facing at your club. We have vendors with products and services as wide-ranging as software to food to linen to pool furniture. I’m sure you’ll find something to help solve your problems.

In addition to chapter and CMAA education, each of our districts provide some education too. The district is where the real value of membership comes in and you should try to attend as many district programs as possible.

Interested?  For more information on the chapter, please contact our Managing Director, Joe Garves, at md1@ovccmaa.org.